« Les Reliefs Lumineux » is a connected poster created using Arduino, LEDs, and pressure sensors made with Bare Conductive’s electric paint.

This poster was created using the screenprinting method, using the Bare Conductive’s ink as well as silver ink, and it represents the five highest reliefs on Planet Earth. This project is thought as an educational tool to help children learn about topography thanks to interaction.

Living “side by side” therefore leads to a lack of dialogue and attendance, a lack of visibility for some people and consequently to an increase in prejudices and preconceptions about the other, a lack of interest in each other, and therefore an increase in fear of the other or of alterity.

My questioning will therefore focus on how to promote living together between the multi handicapped residents of a care home in Plouha, Brittany France, and villagers living in the same town, through the use of graphic design.”

Project made with Coline Bouvet.


« Les Reliefs Lumineux » est une affiche connectée créée avec Arduino, des LED, ainsi que des capteurs pressions créés à l’aide d’encre conductrice.

L’affiche, sérigraphiée en encre conductrice et en encre argentée, et composée de papiers en volume, représente les reliefs les plus hauts du monde, et est conçue comme un outil pédagogique facilitant l’apprentissage de la topographie grâce à l’interaction.

Projet créé avec Coline Bouvet.